Golf Trolleys

Golf trolleys or caddies facilitate the round of golf. The shoulder is more relaxed, you play better. We deliver golf trolleys whether as push trolley or electric trolley of all brands free of charge at a very good price.


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In golf, the trolley is used to comfortably carry a golf bag containing the golf club set and other utensils (balls, rainwear, drinks, food, etc.) useful during the game of golf across the golf course. A golf trolley usually also has an umbrella and a score card holder.


One differentiates: two-wheeled trolleys, which are conventionally pulled behind them or three-wheeled push trolleys that you push in front of you.  


Motorized trolleys (e-caddy, electric trolley) equipped with an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery are mostly three-wheeled, may even have a seat and are guided by the golfer. Often a trolley (incorrectly) is also called a caddy or even cart. A caddy is actually the person who wears the racket and, above all, acts as a consultant in the club choice and greens reading. Caddies are an important part of professional tournaments; In mass sports they are (at least in Germany) barely to be found. The word electric caddy is sometimes and wrongly used for the electric cars that are found on some golf courses. Correct, however, is the term cart or buggy.


Even Germany's most famous golf player Bernhard Langer has worked as a caddy before his professional career. Since a caddy has to carry the heavy golf bag for about 7 km, women are rare as a caddy. All the better known is Fanny Sunesson, for many years Nick Faldo's Caddy.


The JuCad configurator Whether colored wheels, rims, bags or scorecard holders - use the JuCad configurator to create your own individual caddy and make your caddy unique!


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