The bag is the storage for golf clubs, food, golf balls, rain jacket, sunscreen, etc. that the golfer takes on the round of golf.

Golfers can choose between different variants of bags that meet different requirements:

There are portable golf bags (carry bags) which are worn around the shoulder and which are partly provided with flat bottoms or supports for putting down, and such so-called cart bags which are intended to be mounted on a small sliding cart (trolley) to become. A carrybag is ideal for golfers who want to play even in prolonged periods of rain. Because many golf courses prohibit trolleys on softened ground, since the wheels could damage the lawn.

Cartbags are golf bags that can be put on a cart, or a trolley. With the help of the trolley, they can be pulled or pushed over the golf course. This saves forces that just golf beginners need for their game.

The Tourbag of the professional golfer is worn by a personal golf caddy, who also advises the golfer on the choice of bat. A pencilbag is a very slim bag that only carries up to four golf clubs and a handful of golf balls.

The pencilbag is suitable for training on the driving range. If you only want to make a few deductions after work, the narrow bag can easily be stored in the boot.

According to the golf rules, a player may have a maximum of 14 clubs in his golf bag!