Wedges & Chippers

Wedges are clubs for the short strokes around the green (under 100 m) or for difficult situations (bunker, ditches, high grass). They resemble the Eisenschlägern in construction and material, but are characterized by a rounded, rather balloon-shaped club head. This is also often softer than the normal irons to allow for greater accuracy and greater feedback to the player.

Typical are lofts of about 48 ° to 54 ° for the standard set of pitching and sand wedges with a shaft length of about 34 to 36 inches. The more likely to be regarded as a Gap Wedge close the gap between the Pitching Wedge and the Sand Wedge and is also in the loft in between while the Lob Wedge with a loft of up to 68 ° for short approach shots, from the sand or to overcome high obstacles from a short distance and mostly difficult situations.