Fairway Woods

Fairway Woods are used for punches from the tee or on the fairway. They are characterized by a large, teardrop to pear-shaped club head, which is hollow and usually has a volume between 150 and 460 cm³. Originally, these clubs were provided with heads and later with wooden inlays (persimmon).

In the course of development, the wood has disappeared from the rackets and today, alloys of high-quality, light and elastic metals are used (titanium, aluminum, but also Kevlar, steel or plastics). A standard racket usually includes three woods (called wood 1, 3, 5 or 7).

As the number increases, so does the loft, while the shaft length and volume of the club head decrease. Lofts are usually between about 9 to 18 ° (for pure fairway woods up to 25 °) with a shaft length of about 40 to 45 inches.