The driver is the golf club, which is used to tee off at longer holes. Sometimes he is also called wood 1. The driver is thus a special wood. With this club, the largest distance is achieved, since the flight curve due to the low loft of about 7 ° to 15 ° (loft refers to the inclination angle of the golf club head) is relatively flat. Due to the large volume of the club head, the driver is well distinguishable from the other woods.

The current maximum permissible volume is 460 cm³. Traditionally, driver heads were made of persimmon wood. In the 1980s, the first metal models appeared, so-called "Metal-Woods". Modern models consist of a mix of materials, including the light metal titanium. A usual length of the shaft is 45 inches, which is about 1.14 meters. This makes the driver the longest racket. Due to the materials used for the clubhead, it is much lighter than the shorter iron clubs.